New Zealand Broadband

Samuel Williams Tuesday, 03 November 2009

I live in New Zealand. Decent internet access is a problem - its slow and expensive. Statistics like these make me so frustrated.

Out of our household, internet costs about 1/4 of all our monthly bills. It seems like that is far too much. When we are in Japan, internet is pratically unlimited and extremely fast.

The biggest issue I believe facing New Zealand is the fact that ISPs are becoming less neutral. For example, our [current] ISP Orcon does not charge for bandwidth to YouTube. On the surface, this may seem innocent enough.. but this makes Orcon a biased provider. I believe they are doing this for other sites too. What happens when they make a deal with one of the local TV companies, and not another? Will it depend what ISP you sign up for, what sites you can access?

If you don't know about the whole situation, I recommend you read about net neutrality before its too late!


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