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Samuel Williams Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have developed two Java ME games. The first game is a 2D tile based game, and the second is a simple 3D animated world using the M3G API.


In this game you play an aphid collecting seeds, and you must gather these and avoid the snails.

This game makes extensive use of the Java ME LCDUI classes including the LayerManager, TiledLayer and GameCanvas classes.

There are four tile sets used, and two animated sprite characters.

The character sprite sheets are animated from left to right and have four poses, forward, right, back, left.

I made the water sprite sheet by hand.

The map was put together using Tiled Map Editor, a fairly powerful map editing tool. The map data was hard coded into the application to reduce the amount of development work required.

The movement of the snails is calculated by moving one tile at a time, and at each tile, checking which direction the snail can move in. If the snail can move in the same direction, there is a high chance that the snail will keep moving in that direction, otherwise, the snail will randomly try one of the other available directions.


In this game you can watch a robot walk around in circles. The robot is animated using simple keyframe animation.

Several textures were used to add realism to the scene. The trees are rendered using Sprite3D.

Resources Used


These games look interesting, but was the purpose of the post just a show-and-tell? Are there any .jar/.jad binaries and/or source available? If not, interesting projects nonetheless.

@Insidious Blank, unfortunately these games were running in a very restrictive environment (JavaME). I don’t even know if this is SDK is supported these days. I’ll see if I can find the code and share it.

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