I am the creator of Async and Falcon, and a member of the Ruby core team. You can find me on Twitter or send me an email.

Ruby Concurrency Progress Report An overview of my discussions with Matz and Koichi about Ruby concurrency. Open Source Progress Report An overview of my Open Source work for November. Early Hints and HTTP/2 Push with Falcon How to use HTTP/2 push promises with falcon. Fibers Are the Right Solution Concurrency can be tricky and fibers are here to help. Asynchronous Ruby Improve Ruby scalabiltiy using concurrent event-driven IO. Using Vulkan fences to avoid corruption Learn how to use vulkan fences to wait for command buffer completion. Mr. Painting Robot Here are the first results of my Mr. Painting Robot research - looking good! Visualising Information Change Over Time Some examples of my source code visualisation research. Image Processing I've been working on an image analysis algorithm for generating painted images.. here are the results so far! A discrete solution for the inverse kinematics problem. I developed an interesting solution to the inverse kinematics problem using the A* algorithm. Permutation Generation Here are a number of permutation generation algorithms in C++.