Samuel Williams Saturday, 10 October 2009

Recently I have had the pleasure to use Ramaze. It is an interesting new framework which has introduced me to Rack, another framework which seems very powerful.

Ramaze is built on top of another framework called Innate. Here is the documentation:

My first project was creating a web interface for managing an email server. The email server runs Exim4 and Dovecot, and uses MySQL for account information. I've made some command line scripts using ActiveRecord, but I thought it would be interesting to try Ramaze with DataMapper (RDOC).

I am currently using Phusion Passenger to deploy the majority of my applications. Phusion Passenger supports Rack applications which makes it a great tool for deploying both legacy Rails apps and modern Rack apps on the same infrastructure (Apache).

Going forward, I've found another interesting framework called heroku which promises to make deployment easier. While (re)deployment difficulty typically scales based on dependencies and internal changes, Passenger has certainly made the task easy. I look forward to trying heroku.

On another note, heroku has some great examples of '''' files. I found it quite hard to figure out what to put initially. Once you have the general idea, it is easy.. but this page provides examples for many different web frameworks which I found gave me a better understanding of Rack and what it provides. Here is another useful Rackup Tutorial.


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