Fingerprint is a general purpose data integrity tool that uses cryptographic hashes to detect changes in files and directory trees. The fingerprint command scans a directory tree and generates a fingerprint file containing the names and cryptographic hashes of the files in the tree. This snapshot can be later used to generate a list of files that have been created, deleted or modified. If so much as a single bit in the file data has changed, Fingerprint will detect it.

Fingerprint can be integrated with other tools to ensure the integrity of an entire network of computers from a single point.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Generating Fingerprints
  4. Comparing Fingerprints
  5. Archival Usage
  6. Data Preservation
  7. Data Transmission
  8. Backup Integrity
  9. Security Tripwire
  10. Cryptographic Sealing
  11. Notarizing
  12. Final Words