Hello~ welcome to my corner of the internet. This is my personal site for project work and personal thoughts.


You can read about my background or keep up to date with me on Google+. If you'd like to know me in a more formal capacity, check out my résumé. Learn more about my current and past projects and browse my online source code.

I have a wide range of interests including game design, programming language semantics, writing, ambient music, algorithms and tree climbing. When I need a break, I head outside and look after my garden. I'm growing Wasabi, I've got several chickens, lots of fish and a cat. Once my cat fell in the pond because she was trying to catch the fish. She still tries to catch them, but she is a bit more cautious now.

I value honesty, kindness, mindfulness, wisdom and creativity, and above all else I want to share these values with other people.