University Transcript

Code Course Points Grade
2013 Master of Science GPA: 9.00
COSC690 MSc Thesis: Real-time Hybrid Tracking for Outdoor Augmented Reality 30.00 A+
2012 Master of Science GPA: 9.00
COSC690 M.Sc. Thesis 19.50 A+
COSC690 M.Sc. Thesis 60.00 A+
2011 Master of Science GPA: 9.00
COSC690 M.Sc. Thesis 69.00 A+
COSC690 M.Sc. Thesis 33.00 A+
2010 Master of Science GPA: 8.88
COSC401 Machine Learning 15.00 A+
COSC413 Advanced Topics in Algorithms 15.00 A+
COSC415 Information and Software Visualisation 15.00 A+
COSC416 Special Topic 15.00 A+
COSC426 Augmented Reality 15.00 A
COSC428 Computer Vision 15.00 A+
COSC433 Special Topic: Computer Science Education 15.00 A+
COSC475 Independent Course of Study 15.00 A+
2007 Bachelor of Science GPA: 8.34
COSC229 Algorithms 11.00 A+
COSC329 Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence 14.00 A-
COSC365 Special Topic: Distributed Computing Architectures 14.00 A
COSC366 Research Project 14.00 A+
COSC422 Advanced Computer Graphics 15.00 A
PHIL134 Logic and Computability 18.00 A+
2006 Bachelor of Science GPA: 6.40
COSC361 Microprocessor Systems 1 14.00 A-
COSC363 Computer Graphics 14.00 A
MUSI226 Sonic Art 1 22.00 B
2005 Bachelor of Science GPA: 8.25
COSC208 C Programming 11.00 A+
COSC209 Experimental Computer Science 11.00 A-
COSC221 Computer Systems 11.00 A+
COSC231 Introduction to Data Communications 11.00 A
2003 Bachelor of Science GPA: 5.58
COSC224 Introduction to Software Engineering 11.00 B+
COSC225 Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics 11.00 B
COSC230 Programming Languages 11.00 B+
MATH221 Algebra and Cryptography 11.00 C+
MATH231 Discrete Methods 11.00 WD
MUSI126 Digital Music 18.00 A-
PHIL133 Philosophy and Human Nature 18.00 WD
2002 Bachelor of Science GPA: 6.00
COSC121 Computer Science 1A 18.00 A+
COSC122 Computer Science 1B 18.00 B+
COSC222 Models of Computation 11.00 B+
MATH105 Mathematics 1B 36.00 B-
MATH115 Discrete Mathematics 1 18.00 A-
PHYS111 Introductory Physics for Physical Sciences and Eng 18.00 B+
Average GPA: 7.84

N.B. At the end of 2002, following into 2003 I had personal crisis which affected my academic work. On the advice of the University Counsellors I withdrew from second semester courses in 2003, as I felt that I was not in a position to achieve my best. After having some time out, I returned in 2005.