Samuel Williams Sunday, 01 May 2011

Solving Sudoku quickly using permutation generation is a challenging problem with many possibilities for optimisation. This page displays the performance of COSC329 student's assignments. To add your program please email source code to and it will be benchmarked. This competition is voluntary and does not contribute to grade. Your program source code will be kept private at all times.

How to enter

Because Tad provided the original source code that could only process one sample at a time, it is not easy to test programs with multiple samples. Therefore, for the qualifying round, all programs will be tested manually on the same ff.dat problem supplied with the assignment.

After assignment deadline, the top programs will be tested and there may be a prize for best program. Please make sure you can process the test input format otherwise you will not be eligible for the final competition.

2011 Results

Sample files for the three rounds are available.

Name Easy Medium Hard Total
Samuel Williams 0.0012s 0.0102s 0.0067s 0.0181s
Joshua Leung 0.0015s 0.2207s 0.0826s 0.3048s
Aaron Lee 0.0016s 0.1565s 0.1616s 0.3197s
Matthew Lang 0.0378s 1.6889s 1.7588s 3.4855s
Isaac Manuel 0.0031s 145.1981s 1.6550s 146.8563s

N.B. Your program will be run on a Core i7 with 4 cores and 8GB of ram available.


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